Smart Key fob/Remote

  • Vehicle Security
    • Lock/unlock door & trunk
  • Connectivity
    • Distance driver detection
  • Personalization
    • Seat and ambient adjustment

Smart Wearable/Remote for in Car Control

  • Extend convenience & control of various in-car functions to all passengers
    • HVAC
    • Infotainment
    • Windows


Driver Health Monitoring System

  • Driver Health Parameters
    • Vital Sensors integrated in Car
  • Vehicle Health Parameters
    • Vehicle data
  • Geospatial Data

Interior Digital Display

  • User interaction and Control
  • Real time Information & alerts
  • Remote connectivity
  • Voice/Gesture Control
  • Hyperlocal promotions


Smart Digital Display on Cards

  • Driver and Car information display
    •  Car temp and air quality
    • Weather information
    • Traffic and Navigation
    • Hyper local promotions

Our Work : In-car Smart Remote

  • Product: A Smart IoT in-car remote control
  • Purpose: Control various interior functions of the car by any passenger
  • Key Technologies used: IoT, power management, wireless power, wireless connectivity
  • PSQR Contribution
    •  Complete end to end design, development of the concept to fully functional prototype
    • Developed innovative industrial design similar to a watch for users interaction
    •  Intuitive UI/UX design and development for users to access the remote
    • Hardware, firmware and Mechanical design
    • Android OS based application development
    • Integration into existing car to demonstrate complete functionality

Our Work : Smart Key fob based Vehicle Detection

  • Product: Smart Key fob based vehicle detection
  • Purpose: Detect vehicle with visual indication based on Smart key fob device
  • Key Technologies used: IoT, power management, wireless connectivity
  • PSQR Contribution
    • Complete end to end design & development of the concept to functional prototype
    • Algorithms to detect the key and provide smart vehicle access
    • RF analysis to identify the right location in the car for the module
    • Designed Smart key fob and In car connectivity hardware design and implementation
    • Design and implemented multiple in-car functional elements enabled via the same smart key fob

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