Product Strategy

Whether you are a startup developing an IoT solution or an established company looking for a new hardware hook to engage your existing customer and attract new ones, figuring out the hardware component could be a major challenge.

A startup typically does not have the bandwidth or expertise to research and identify the right platform to build their products and an established company may not have in house skills required to decide on a technology platform. This is where Insemi comes in.

With decades of experience in developing hardware products and solutions from startups to large OEMs, we specialise in developing robust and scalable hardware platforms. With our long standing strategic relationships with our ecosystem partners, we develop a compelling technology roadmap for you.

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How We Work

Our clients engage us to help them take their product ideas to reality.
We have a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and skill sets that enable us to develop products for our clients across a variety of applications

Why Insemi

Our customers’ choice of engaging us is driven by our proven history and our foundational virtues