Why Insemi for semiconductor technology?

Miniaturization and integration of semiconductor devices made the design and development of smaller and smart communication devices possible.
These smart devices made self-driving technology possible and increased the deployment of IoT based devices and applications.
This digitalization of our work and other activities is responsible for creating a huge set of data volumes. To create and analyze these large set of data AI tools came into the picture which can help in business decision making and other activities,
We at Insemi use our domain expertise across communication, connectivity, storage, cloud, consumer electronics, and AI technologies to provide the best end to end product engineering solutions to semiconductor companies.

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Tool Flows - Best PPPAs

High Performance

  • Automated CTS Flow for lowest Skew
  • Memory Timing Closure with lowest buffer count
  • Automated MCMM & Multi Power/Voltage Domain Timing Closure
  • Flow for last MHz Performance optimization

Lowest Area

  •   Hold timing closure Flow from CTS till Post Layout STA
  •   Area recovery algorithms from Synthesis to final Post Layout STA Closure
  •   Block Utilization targets ~ 90%

Low Power

  • Power Domain Partitioning driven by
  • System/Platform Level
  • Low Power Synthesis/Verif/ATPG
  • Static/Dynamic Power Reduction
  • UPF/CPF based flows
  •  Low Power Methodology
  • Clock/Power Gating,  DVFS, AVS 
  • Forward/Back Bias 
  •  Multi Vt optimization for leakage

Fastest TTM

  • Flow for Func Verification using latest methodologies
  • Integrated SiFT/Automated DFT Flow
  • Vendor Independent flow
  • Automated Hierarchical Partitioning & Budgeting
  • LP Flow elements Insertion Flow
    • Isolation cells, Retention flops, Power
    • switches, Level shifters, Dual-Rail memories
  • Automated STA flow for timing closure

Design Services Expertise/ Strength

Physical Design

  • Designs Handled: Various SoCs, ARM Core Hardening, High Speed Analog Macros and many more
  • Technology: 0.5u to 28nm Planar, 16FF, 14nm, 10nm and 7nm
  • Foundry: TSMC, GF, Samsung, Intel
  • Full RTL to GDS Flow (block level)
  • Handling High gate count & Ram density designs
  • Full-chip/Block-level Power analysis
  • Custom Clock tree
  • MMMC Timing closure
  • Physical sign-off closure


  • DFT Designs: Various SoCs, 
  • DFT Architecture development
  • Development of DFT flows, Implementation/Verification
  • DFT Implementation: Scan, MBIST, IEEE 1149.1/1149.6 JTAG, iJTAG, P1500 scan wrappers, Hierarchical/Flat Scan, Compression Logic, IO MUX RTL generation and Integration, Low power
  • DFT Verification: DFT RTL Verification, DFT RTL Spyglass checks, MBIST, ATPG and JTAG verification, Equivalency Checking, Notiming/Timing GLS
  • Post Silicon Debug Support
  • Reliability Tests and Test time reduction


  • Methodology Development 
  • Flow Automation (Analog / Digital)
  • PDK development and qualification
  • Pcell development
  • PERC/DRC/LVS techfile development
  • QA automation


  • Validation of Complex  SOCs in Mobile/PC/Automotive domains
  • High speed peripherals like DDR, Ethernet, PCIE, SATA & NVME​
  • Test Plan/Test Environment Development, Test Case Development & Automation​ 
  • Feature additions,  regressions execution, track/analyze failures and debug.​
  • Complete validation cycle from Pre- silicon validation ->Silicon bring up ->engineering sample qualification ->Customer sample qualification 
  • Functional validation, characterization, System performance & System debug

Foundation IP

Memories - SRAM/RF/ROMs/Efuse/Flash Std Cell- HD/HP/Ultra-HD/Low Leakage
  • Architecture
  • Design Implementation
  • Functional Verification
  • Layout Implementation
  • Modeling & Lib generation
  • Characterization
  • ESPCV / Circuit Checks
  • EM/IR checks
  • Backend verification
  • QC and Release flows
  • Silicon Correlation


  • Analog IPs and SOCs handled
  • Architecture Definition
  • Design Implementation based on PPAY Targets
  • Spec to Tapeout responsibility
  • Custom Chip Design with Analog Top for MPW
  • Frequency Range from GPIO to High Speed SERDES upto 28Gbps
  • Adaptive loop design for variations
  • Co-sim verification
  • Technology: 0.5u Planar to 10nm Finfet
  • Foundry: TSMC, UMC, GF, Chartered, Intel


  • SOC verification with Architectures like ARM, X86, RISCV
  • Domain expertise in Server, Network, Storage, Security, IOT, AI, Automobile, DSP
  • IP verification from Testplan to Coverage
  • VIP protocol Integration in TB
  • Expertise on Functional & Formal verification
  • Low Power verification (RTL, GLS)
  • Expertise on GLS verification (No timing, timing corners, Pre layout, Post layout,Power aware)
  • Constraint randomization, coverage metrics driven  & assertion based verification
  • Expertise on serial protocols like PCIE,SAS,SATA,USB,DDR,Ethernet etc ..
  • Expertise on standard protocols AMBA,MIPI,SDIO,UART,SPI,I2C,JTAG etc ...
  • Expertise on Physical layer verification for speed multi protocols
  • Expertise on Debug/trace/testbus for Chips (Vectors,tracers)
  • Analog Mixed signal verification
  • Expertise on DFx verification (Tap,Scan,Mbist,IODFT,STF etc ...)
  • Expertise on standard verification languages & methodology  (C,C++,SystemC,Vera,Verilog,VHDL,SV,OVM,UVM etc..)
  • Expertise on BFM & VIP development with standard verification methodologies
  • Expertise on Automation for different stages of verification
  • Expertise on standard tools like Verification flow mangers (Testplan, coverage, regressions)