What We Do


We specialize in providing complete end to end managed product development services.


Whether you are a startup or an established OEM, our offerings will suit your needs no matter where you are in the product development life cycle.


Research & development

We work with the latest technologies across disciplines and co-innovate to build a truly world-class solution to propel your growth.


Original design manufacturing

Focus on what you do best. Allow us to handle your entire hardware development process from prototype to mass production.


Resource Argumentation

Hiring temporary resources and staff as and when required, helps companies reduce their expenditure on human resources.



We are a product development organisation that our clients employ to convert their concepts into real products.
Our combination of technology, product engineering, supply chain and manufacturing expertise yields robust market ready products and solutions – enabling our clients to focus on product sales and marketing activities.
We operate an as extension to your engineering team.
We operate across various business models ranging from a one time consulting role to complete product and road map ownership.

Let's collaborate to turn your ideas into products

Why Insemi


We have a long history of working with international clients in designing and developing systems across multiple applications ranging from mobile accessories, point of sale systems and process automation system for textile industries.
More importantly, we have conceptualized and productized our own products all the way from paper designs into customers hands. We understand what is involved in the entire process and can work with you in designing our offerings to best suit your needs.


Insemi and our associates bring immense knowledge and expertise in our core areas of product engineering and manufacturing. With proven capabilities across industrial design, hardware and software engineering, we are a one stop shop with all the necessary capabilities for you to walk into with a product concept and get the final product shipped out of our factories.


Do you have an idea that requires some research? Are you looking to build a first level prototype? We at Insemi love working with companies, start up or established, in engaging at the concept level and build out a prototype or a product.
We understand and appreciate the value of intellectual property and its value for a company. We have standard non-disclosure agreements in place that protects interests of all parties.
We also align with our clients upfront on transfer of any IP ownership as part of the project execution.


Open and honest communication internally and with our clients has been one of the foremost virtues at Insemi. We believe that our clients deserve to know that right information upfront and we share all relevant information in a timely manner to help them make the right decision.
In this age of working remotely and across diverse teams, we see transparency as an effective away to establish a relationship of trust with our clients.


Accountability and ownership are the most important aspects on an outsourced project. We understand your concern regarding this.
With all our experience & expertise, our value systems of respecting your intellectual property and transparency in our relationship, we take ownership of all projects we undertake & stand accountable for the deliverables. That's our promise!