Wireless Power Modules

Multi Device

Automotive Wireless Charger Features

Insemi has developed customized solutions for OEM’s and ODM’s to embed wireless charging technology in their vehicles
The in-car wireless charging solutions enable drivers and passengers to simply place their Qi-Compatible device on the designated space to initiate charging

Automotive grade in car wireless charger

The Automotive grade in car wireless charging solution eliminates the need to search for power cords or charging cables to power-up each handheld device. Simply places the device on the charging area and the power is wirelessly transferred to the device. This brand agnostic module lets you charge any brand of Qi-compatible device. With wireless charging, users can experience a much safer and convenient way of powering up their device while on the move.

In Car wireless charger - Features

Hassle free, in-car, wireless mobile charging

  • Recharge the phone while on the move
  • 3 coil design enables position free charging experience

Optional feature set driving enhanced functionality

  • Unique User ID recognition
  • Customizable charging and LED functions
  • Customize vehicle interface settings
  • Automatic Bluetooth pairing

Wirelessly Charge with upto 15W of Power

  • Supports all existing QI enabled devices
  • Future proof design with 15W support
  • Supports 7.5W Apple and 10W Samsung devices
  • Optional low cost 5W design

Optional feature set driving enhanced functionality

  • Temperature: – 40 to + 85°C 
  • PCB Coils/Litz Wire Coils
  • Key FOB interference reduction
  • Flexible Ferrite shield
  • EMI: Shielding for the electronic and electrical field
  • Safety: – Detection of foreign objects

In-Car Wireless Charger - Technical Specifications

Power Delivery Capabilities

  • Input supply: 9V to 16V
  • Out power: up to 15W
  • Support Proprietary Power Protocols: 7.5W and 10W

Safety and Reliability functions

  • Over current, Overvoltage and Over temperature protection
  • Enhanced Foreign Object detection function
  • Key FOB interference reduction with fixed frequency operation
  • Compliant with CISPR 25

Certifications & Connectivity

  • WPC 1.2.4 compatible design, QI
  • NFC, CAN & Lin support

Operational Specifications

  • Operational Frequency range: Fixed Frequency/Variable Frequency 
  • Temperature: – 40 to + 85°C 
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Active Area : 27.5 x 60 mm, 1650mm2

Insemi Advantage

  • Proven Expertise
  • 10+ years in wireless power domain
  • OEM Innovation Partner for connected experiences
  • Relevant Experience – world’s first to launch a multi device Qi charger platform
  • Vertically integrated – design, engineering and automotive qualified manufacturing
  • Established Ecosystem Partnerships

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