Flexibly manage costs of time and skills

Technology companies looking to accelerate their development cycles, minimize on resource costs can talk to InSemi for engagement models – from resource augmentation to a dedicated ODC facility and through to turnkey engagement. We help companies to flexibly manage their costs of development across time and effort parameters.

Engagement Models

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An automated IP development system, GEnIP mainly does embedded IP but also extends its services to discrete IP. It aids designers in creation rapid solution as GenIP automates the overall methodology for the design and distribution of IP . That way equipped with GenIP, designers are more empowered to design new memory instances, leveraging existing design, target new processes, create new IP architecture, and reuse design IPs and much more.

Additionally, GenIP offers unique scalability for density as well as seamless migration to new processes. Consumers utilizing GenIP can expect to save over 50% of their development resources and time.. This in the first project alone! Going forward consumers can expect incremental savings with time.

Whats more is that GenIP generates resuable IP architecture for secure distribution to ASIC & SOC designers.

Embedded systems

1. Add In Card design and manufacturing, Client – Microprocessor giant.

InSemi Technology translated specification to end product. Scope of work includes understanding requirements translating it into technical specifications, designing circuits, schematic entry, PCB design and Manufacturing boards.

2. USB Charger Module manufacturing, Client – Microprocessor giant

InSemi Technology Manufactured USB charger modules and electrically tested them for functionality successfully.

3. Debug Board manufacturing, Client – Microprocessor giant

InSemi Technology manufactured debug boards. These boards aid in programming microcontrollers.

4. InSemi Technology is engaged on several projects in Transportation, Healthcare and Mining domains. – A Technology Giant

We work on projects like design of Automatic Test Equipments (ATE’s), Board design/PCB design, software development and others.

Software Services – Microprocessor giant.

We are working on full stack software development. Our experts are capable of developing UEFI -Pre Boot firmware, kernel customization, device drivers and application software